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Aug 25, 2013 6:30pm EDT
join us when we come back. alyou're probably thinkin'' about about fuel economy., well, you're gonna want some rque to go with it - 'cuz unless you're usin' your truck to deliver pizza's... you ain't gettin' anything done without it. torque is power. it pulls trailers. hauls dirt. drags boulders. torque is what gets the cap off your beer. and only the ford f-150 with ecoboost has the best combination of torque and fuel economy. think about that. this is the 2013 ford f-150. no, i promised my son i would school him first. but he's asleep, i think the poor kid's a little scared. woah. you ready to lose? you're always ready to lose. rated e for everyone. get madden nfl 25 and any of these products to get a $10 egift card. only at walmart. make sure you're ready and download nfl mobile from verizon. watch nfl redzone and get every nfl touchdown on sunday afternoons. never being without football. that's powerful. verizon. >> thom: rick smith was 36 years old when he was named general manager of the houston texans. now a grizzled veteran as he joins us in our fox nfl sunday booth here in h
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1